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Part #:  CE-A431
Our Price:$2,295.95

Description: Currie now offers 3 versions of the Advance Adapters Atlas transfer cases. The Atlas 3.8:1 Ultra Low, the Atlas 4.3:1 Extreme Low, and the Atlas "Highlander" 3.0:1. The Atlas gear-driven transfer cases are the ultimate in gearing and strength. Advance Adapters recommends the Atlas for use in both full- and downsize vehicles such as Jeeps, Broncos, Explorers, Dodge, Chevy, & Ford Trucks. These units can be used in all types of vehicles, from "daily driver" Jeeps all the way up to the extreme rock crawling vehicles such as the Currie Fire Ant. Sold each. The 3.8:1 Ultra Low unit works well in all applications. The Atlas 3.8 is a goodchoice for the avid 4-wheeler, since this low gear ratio is ideal for moderate- to semi-extreme rock crawling. Most vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission rely on their braking capability in rugged terrain; this 3.8 low ratio works well with automatic transmissions. The 4.3:1 Extreme Low seems to be the ratio of choice when your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission. This unit is commonly used in vehicles participating in rock crawling events, while the 3.0:1 "Highlander" was developed for the customer that does the majority of his 4-wheelins on rolling hills, sand, and mud. However, this unit can be used for rock crawling as well. This ratio is slightly lower than most stock transfer cases, allowing you to increase tire size without losing the needed gearing. Replacing a Jeep New Process chain-driven transfer case with any of the Atlas units will allow up to 6 inches of additional rear driveshaft length. the strength of this unit far exceeds any of the stock Jeep transfer cases ever manufactured. More info can be found at

Unit of Measure: Each

Mfg: Currie Enterprises, Inc.



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CE-A381 ATLAS 3.8:1 TRANSFER CASE Details...

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