Currie Jeep - RockJock® 60

Introducing the new RockJock® Currie high pinion 60 rearend. This brand new SAE 206-T6 aluminum casting from Currie uses a flow-thru circulating oil system exclusive to the Currie unit, and is the first in the industry to feature a full 60 degree cover angle! Additional unit features are equal diameter large front and rear pinion bearings, optional 3" x .3125" wall or a 3" x .375 wall tubing on complete housings, and the ability to accept either stock or aftermarket diff. covers. Threaded bosses cast into the case are provided for suspension bracket mounting on top and skid plate mounting underneath. Upper bracketry mounting bridge is available through Currie and an AR400 abrasion resistant skid plate is included with the unit. Cost is the same as the reversed rotation Dana 60 units already available through Currie. This is the highest ground clearance and lightest weight 60 on the market, yet the unit maintains a standard, unmodified Dana 60R ring and pinion for maximum strength.

Currie has taken the idea of one ton knuckles to a new level with the new RockJock® 356T6 aluminum one ton modular, symmetrical knuckles. Units have provisions for upper and lower steering arms, mounting of Wilwood radial mount style Dynalite 2 calipers, and steering stops, and are designed to be used with the 97 & newer Ford F-450 unit bearings, ball joints, and inner knuckles. 5/8" thick steel upper steering arms are available through Currie that are designed to bolt into the 6 holes on the flat top of the knuckles. Units can be used in right or left application, and in front or rear steer applications. Currie has also recently introduced the new 2 piece RockJock® super duty axle line. Using the new Currie designed billet 4340 chrome moly externally bridged axle end yokes, and optional 4340 chrome moly or 300M axle shafts, the RockJock® axles offer extreme strength in the harshest of rock crawling conditions. Inner axles are available in 30 to 35 spline, and outer axles are available in 30 or 35 spline. Contact a Currie representative at (714) 528-6957.

RockJock® Part # Description  
60-RJCTR Aluminum RockJock® Currie high pinion 60 housing center only w/ carrier caps, no tubes
60-1000RJ Currie RockJock® aluminum high pinion 60 housing w/ tubes, 9" Ford style large bearing housing ends, thick steel cover, & yoke.
RockJock® II Part # Description  
60-IJCTR RockJock® II ductile iron housing - center only -with carrier caps - for 3" tubes.
60-IJCTR-325 RockJock® II ductile iron housing - center only - with carrier caps - for 3.25" tubes.
60-1000IJ RockJock® II ductile iron housing - with tubes, large bearing 9" housing ends, and heavy duty steel cover - no yoke.
RockJock® III Part # Description  
60-IJCTR-I RockJock® III - housing center only - with carrier caps
60-1000IJ-I RockJock® III - housing with tubes and large bearing 9" housing ends - no cover or yoke.
Other Parts Part # Description  
60-9085 Skid plate for RockJock® housing
60-7100 Universal housing bracketry bridge bracket for RockJock® housings

Ask your Currie Sales Representative about Brake Options. (714) 528 - 6957

RockJock® Weights
  • 60-RJCTR Center casting only with caps - 25 lbs.
  • Center casting with caps & stock cover - 30 lbs.
  • Center casting with caps, stock cover, & skid plate - 32 lbs.
  • Center casting with caps, stock cover, skid plate, & bracketry bridge - 41 lbs.
  • 60-1005 Stock Cover - 5 lbs.
  • 60-9085 Skid plate strap - 2 lbs.
  • 60-7100 Bracketry bridge with weld on tube piece and bolts - 7.5 lbs.
  • Dyna Trac Pro Rock 60 Weight Casting only with caps - 85 lbs.
  • Tera 60 & CRD Weight Casting only with caps - 75 lbs.
  • Stock Rev. 60 Weight Casting only with caps - 75 lbs.
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