Currie Jeep 9" Front Ends

The 9" Front Axle Assembly has been developed by Currie as the ultimate frontend for all Jeep Vehicles. Currie utilizes high quality components and custom builds each front end. The options include custom widths and gear ratios. All steel housings are much stronger than any cast-center housing and 3/4 ton truck shafts are used for maximum strength. A choice of a standard 9" or high-pinion third members are available.

The major advantages of the 9" are that they can be Custom assembled with the widest variety of gear ratios and carrier types. This makes the 9" the perfect choice for high-horse power engines and tall tires. With the right gear ratio the 9" can handle up to 400 hp and tire up to 37" tall. The stock front end is only capable of 200hp and 33" tires.

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Currie offers a selection of over 5,000 combinations of assemblies, options and configurations. It would be impossible to assign everyone a simple part number. Therefore Currie has implemented a part number system that enables us to provide an infinite number of part numbers by identifying the components of each custom assembly.

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9" Frontend Individual Components - For CJ's, YJ's and TJ's
Part # Description  
CE-0001 9" Front Housing with CJ Inner Knuckles, built to Customer Specifications CALL
CE-0003 9" Front Housing with YJ/TJ Inner Knuckles and New Ball Joints, Built to Customer Specifications CALL
CE-0130 Dana Inner Axle, accepts 5-297X U-Joint, Built to Spec
CE-0130N Currie Performance Inner Axle, accepts 297X U-Joint, Built to Spec
CE-0132 Spicer 297X Series U-Joint
CE-0132C CTM 297X Series U-Joint (each)
CE-0133 Spicer Outer Stub Axle - specify spline (each)

Warn 5 on 4.5" Locking Hub Kit for Wranglers - includes Spindles, Hubs, Locking Hubs, 27 Spline Outer Axles, U-Joints, Bearings and Hardware Specify Year -

(See Footnote #2)

CE-W38109 Warn 5 on 5.5" Locking Hub Kit for Wranglers, includes Spindles, Hubs, Locking Hubs, 30 Spline-Outer Axles, New U-Joints, Bearings and Hardware

(See Footnote #3)

CE-7110A New TJ/LJ/XJ/MJ heavy duty front suspension brackets jigged and mounted on frontend housing
CE-9086 Skid Plate, Mounted
CE-9087 High Ground Clearance Option
CE-7111 TJ Front Lower control Arm Brackets - Heavy Duty - Weld On (pair)
CE-7200 1966-77 Bronco Front End Bracket Kit, New, Heavy Duty
CE-7201 1966-77 Bronco Front End Bracket Kit, New, Heavy Duty - Jigged and Mounted on Front End Housing
Footnote #1 30 Spline Outer Axles Require Large I.D. Spindle - Order Part# CE-W38103 (each)  
Footnote #2 1987-2000 Wranglers with factory stamped steel rotor hats must be replaced with full cast rotors - Order Part# CE-W39376 (each)  
Footnote #3 The CE-W38109 Kit requires a pair of 82-86 CJ Style Rotors machined to accept the Wrangler Caliper - Order Part# CE-W39375 (each)  
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