Currie Jeep 9" Rear Ends

The Currie custom built 9" rearend is the ultimate rearend for Jeeps! These rearends are designed and built to handle high horsepower, high-torque engines in grueling off-road conditions. The Currie 9" has been "rock and road" tested and proven superior in the most rugged terrain and abusive driving conditions. All 9” 4x4 rearends are built using the same premium Currie and 9-Plus components that are used in competition and racing rearends. If you have a 4" lift or more, and are running oversized tires, a 9” rearend is for you. In applications where pinion angle is critical, we also offer the Currie High Pinion 3rd member. This unit is designed for use with a maximum of 400 horsepower, and up to a true 35" tall tire. Currie High Pinion 3rd members raise the pinion 3 ½” over a standard low pinion 9”, and 2 ¾” higher than a Dana axle!

Currie 9" rearends offer the widest variety of options including gear cases, pinion supports, 28, 31, 35, and 40 spline axles, gear ratios, carriers and housing styles. This way you can select the proper combination of components to build the right rearend for your application. Whether you are a casual off-roader or a professional racer, Currie will build the right rearend for you!

Exclusive 9" Options:

  • Standard and Hi-Pinion version
  • Removable Gear Cases
  • Housing Styles - All-Steel Housings (6)
  • Wide selection of Gear Ratios
  • Choices of Carriers
  • Selection of Axle Spline options
  • Gear case Material choices

Only "Currie® Built 9-inch™ Rearends" offer these exclusive features:

  • Swedged Tube Construction
  • Currie®-Built High Ground Clearance Housings
  • Currie® Performance Axle Shafts
  • Currie® High-Pinion Gear case Option

9" Rear End Individual Components
Part # Description  
CE-2001 Heavy Duty Housing
CE-2002 Extra Heavy Duty Housing
CE-7101 Jeep TJ '97-2000 Brackets Mounted
CE-9086 Skid Plate (Mounted)
CE-9087 High Ground Clearance Option
CE-0118 Assemble Rearend (Labor Only)

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