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The rear end assemblies listed below represent a few examples of available packages and combinations. These examples are provided as a reference guide only. Actual prices will very depending on final options and specific components chosen.

The Currie Stage I Rod & Show Car Rearend is a basic unit designed for low horsepower street use. This assembly would include the 8" Ford housing, new 28 spline axle package, and complete 10" drum brake kit, and the 3rd. member with factory V-8 style gear case, pinion support, and yoke, open carrier, and gear ratio of your choice. Fully assembled and ready to install!

The Currie Stage II Rod & Show Car Rearend is for more performance orientated cars that need more rear end behind them than a 8" can provide or for the customer who likes to stomp on it on occasion! The stage II is a 9" Ford and would include the 100% new 9-Plus round back Hot Rod housing and 31 spline performance axle package, 11" drum brake kit, 3rd. member with the original Ford gear case, Currie forged alloy big pinion bearing support, 1330 yoke, T.S.D. limited slip differential, and your choice of gear ratio.

The Currie Stage III Rod & Show Car Rearend is the ultimate unit for those looking for performance and show quality beauty all in one unit. This assembly includes the Currie 206T6 aluminum 9" Ford housing that is polished to a mirror-like finish with steel tubes for mounting suspension brackets and the 31 spline performance axle package, Wilwood new style disc brake kit with internal drum parking brake configuration and polished 4 piston calipers (CE-6014PBP), 3rd. member with the Currie/Strange 206T6 aluminum gear case and Currie forged alloy pinion support, both of which are polished to a show quality shine, Detroit True-Trac differential, gear ratio of your choice, 1330 yoke, and full assembly of the unit.

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