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Overall Rearend Dimensions Diagram
A. Overall Width — wheel to wheel width
B. Housing end to housing end
BS. Brake space
DR. Drum or Rotor thickness
X. Driver's Side - Inside housing stud to outside housing end left side
Y. Passenger's Side - Inside housing stud to outside housing end right side
PO. Pinion Offset - difference between the center of the pionion and the center line of the gear case.
D. Pinion center to outside housing end on right side.
C/L. Center Line of gear case

For a custom or specialized rearend order please try and initially determine these three dimensions on your vehicle before calling a Currie Enterprises sales representative:

1. The Overall Width (Dimension A above): The overall width can best be determined by putting the tires under the car (make sure to allow a minimum of one inch clearance for the fender and the frame rails) and measure the distance between the wheel mounting surface on each wheel.

2. The Pinion Location: The pinion location in most cases will be centered; in some cases the housing is off center (a .94" pinion offset is typical, as in the diagram seen above). This allows clearance for brackets on very narrow rearends, so as to provide a platform for mounting upper control arm brackets for triangulated 4 link suspension.

3. The Wheel Lug Bolt Pattern: The lug bolt pattern is the number of studs (usually 5) and the diameter of the circle on which they are placed. The diameter is determined by measuring from the center of the axle to the center of one stud and doubling the measurement. See dimension BC in the Axle Dimensions Diagram directly below.

Axle Dimensions Diagram


BC. Bolt circle



S. Stud hole diameter



R. Drum register diameter



J. Bearing journal size



O. Axle bearing offset



L. Axle length


To further assist you, below are listed the three generic housing end dimensions that Currie Enterprises uses in rebuilding and manufacturing its custom & specialized rearends. If you know your vehicle's housing end dimensions, this will also be most helpful to your Currie Enterprises sales representative.

Housing End Dimensions Diagram
Small Bearing Ford   3-5/16"   2"   2.834   3/8"
Large Bearing Ford   3-1/2"   2-3/8"   3.150   1/2"
Late Model Lrg Brg or Torino   3-9/16"   2"   3.150   3/8"

Once you have determined the three dimensions listed above (and maybe more), please contact a Currie Enterprises sales representative at: (714) 528-6957 and have your information ready.

If you don't know exactly how to determine the dimensions listed above, then it would be a good idea to have the following information before calling a Currie Enterprises Sales Representative:

1. Tire diameter
2. Horsepower
3. RPM range of CAM
4. Type of transmission
5. Intended use of the vehicle.

Thanks — we look forward to hearing from you!
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