2-Click Ship! Crate Axles

The Ultimate in Ordering Simplicity and Speedy Delivery

Complete bolt-in axle packages, pre-configured with the most popular crate axle options. Simply choose the RockJock® axle series 44, 60 or 60VXR that best meets the intended level of off-road driving, and then select the desired gear ratio (1st click) and locker (2nd click), and you’re done. 2-Click Ship packages are pre-assembled and in stock with shorter lead times than Build Your Own axle options.


RockJock Crate Axles

RockJock® crate axles for Jeep Wrangler JKs are built to the legendary Currie standard to deliver unrivaled strength and superior standard features in trail tested and field proven designs. Available for both front and rear applications, RockJock crate axles are complete pre-configured packages that feature the most popular axle options and direct bolt-in simplicity


Ordering a RockJock crate axle couldn’t be any easier; simply select the model that best fits the intended level of use and then pick a gear ratio and differential option


RockJock 44 - Designed for heavy off-road use with up to 37” tall tires

The RockJock 44 provides a significant strength and reliability upgrade over the stock JK 30/44 series axles at a price point that won't break the bank. With its strong reinforced nodular iron center section, heavy-duty 3-inch axle tubes and heavy forged knuckles (front only), the RockJock 44 is ready for adventure. Retains the stock axle width and factory 5 on 5” wheel lug pattern so you can keep those nice wheels that you've already purchased


RockJock 60 - Designed for severe off-road use, V8 horsepower and up to 37” tall tires

The RockJock 60 features the Currie exclusive high pinion nodular iron radius bottom center section for improved obstacle slide over, heavy-duty 3-inch tubes and the industry's strongest standard axle offering (full 35 spline inner/outer front and 40-spline semi-floating rear axles), the RockJock 60 is the clear choice for serious off-road use. Increases axle width to 68.75” between wheel mounting surfaces for improved clearance with large tires. Front axle features 5 on 5 1/2" wheel lug pattern, rear is dual drilled with both 5 on 5" (to match stock front axles) and 5 on 5 1/2"  patterns


RockJock 60VXR - Designed for extreme off-road use, V8 horsepower and up to 40” tall tires

The RockJock 60VXR is loaded with Currie exclusive features that make it the strongest 60 series crate axle that Currie offers. Features include: a stage-2 high pinion nodular iron radius bottom center section with additional reinforcement in critical areas, integrated ring gear load bolt that minimizes deflection and maximizes gear mess under high torque loads, 3.5-inch diameter .375 wall tubes, upgraded brakes and full-floating rear axle design that make the RockJock 60VXR the natural choice for big tires and extreme off-road use. Increases axle width to 70 inches (between wheel mounting surfaces) for maximum clearance and turning angle, comes with a 5 on 5 1/2” wheel lug pattern for both front and rear axles


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