1932 Bonneville Roadster

Our founder, Frank Currie, is still the only man in history to have driven his hot rod to Bonneville, run over 200 mph and driven it back home! This 1932 Ford roadster was built in 1996-1997 by an all star cast. The chassis was fabricated by Boyd Coddington and welded by Jesse James. Body is steel by Marcel Delay. Engine is a 705 c.i. all aluminum Boss 429 Ford by Gregg Davis Racing Engines and boasts 1100 h.p. and 985 ft. lbs. of torque!
Gray Baskerville of Hot Rod Magazine followed the Currie trek to Bonneville covering it for Hot Rod and Frank was honored with the 1998 Hot Rod of the Year award!

Body: Steel by Marcel Delay
Frame: Boyd Coddington (welded by Jesse James)
Engine: Boss 429 Ford by Gregg Davis Racing Engines. All aluminum 705 c.i., naturally aspirated. 1100 h.p., 985 ft. lbs. of torque
Trans.: GM 4L85E
Front Suspension: Boyd Coddington independent with coil over shocks and manual rack & pinion steering
Rear Suspension: Polished stainless steel parallel 4-link with panhard rod and coil over shocks
Driveshaft: Inland Empire Driveline, polished aluminum
Rearend: Currie polished aluminum 9-inch with 2.75 gears and TrueTrac diff.
Brakes: 12 1/4" Wilwood
Wheels: Budnik

See polished Currie Hot Rod rearends here!

Currie Equipped!

The 9-inch rearend in Frank Currie's Bonneville roadster features a Currie polished 9-inch housing with parallel 4-bar brackets mounted, 31-spline forged alloy Currie axles, polished aluminum third member with 2.75 gears & a TrueTrac diff and 12 1/4" Wilwood brakes.