1979 Monte Carlo (UMI)

The UMI Green Machine is a 1979 Monte Carlo with a Landau top, a Dart 427 SBC, and full UMI suspension. And a Currie floater to handle road race and auto-x duty without worrying about losing an axle from the wimpy factory 7.5" housing. We use it for UMI product testing and development as well as having fun auto-x and road racing. The Green Machine is our raw, old school, carbureted, dog ring shifted auto-x and road race workhorse.

Body: stock steel, original paint!
Dash: Dakota Digital
Aero: Petermanbuilt Custom Shop
Frame: stock with cage by UMI Performance
Engine: Dart SHP 427 SBC with AFR heads, Manley rotator and E3 ignition. Built by Conklin Racing Engines and tuned by Domin8.
Clutch: Quartermaster 8.5"
Transmission: Jerico 4-speed dog ring road race box
Cooling: Wizard Cooling radiator with twin Spal Brushless fans
Exhaust: Flowmaster D-port x pipe with dual Outlaws
Front suspension: UMI Corner Max with UMI Afco monotube shocks and Hypercoil springs
Rear suspension: UMI trailing arms and Pro-Tour 3/4" auto-x specific sway bar
Front brakes: UMI C5 conversion
Rearend: Currie 9" full floater with 3.50 gear and Detroit Locker
Rear brakes: 14" Wilwood
Wheels/Tires: CCW 18 x 11 with 315 BFG Rival S
Axle: Currie 9" full floater with 3.50 gear and Detroit Locker

See Currie G-body rearends

Currie Equipped!


The Currie rearend in UMI's Green Machine features a Currie Turn9 light weight fabricated 9-inch housing with all GM G-body brackets mounted and Currie unit bearing floater ends, Currie Pro-Touring unit bearings, full floating Currie 4340 axle shafts that are 31-spline inner and 35-spline outer spline, Sportsman third member with, 3.50 gears & a Detroit locker diff and 14" Wilwood brakes.