Products specifications
Center Section Currie 44 high-pinion nodular-iron center section with thicker walls and webbing
Differential Carrier Compatible Lockers - ARB RD117 or Eaton ELocker 19977-010
Gear Set Larger/stronger Dana 44 8.8ā€ late model JK ring and pinion set
Pinion Yoke 1310 (stock size) pinion companion flange
Differential Cover Currie nodular-iron cover with gasketed fill plug with dipstick, Red
End Forgings Currie heavy-duty forged steel inner Cā€™s
Axle Tubes 3 inch diameter, .5 wall DOM tube
Axles Currie Performance 4340 chromoly 30/32-spline inner/outer axles with 1350 u-joints (Compatible with Motive Gear/Ten Factory Rubicon replacement axles)
Suspension Brackets Heavy gauge 3/16ā€ laser cut steel brackets
Control Arm Mounts Upper control and lower control arm mounts are 3/16 thick, one-piece construction; lower mounts feature an integrated skid plate
Geometry Optimized for 4ā€ lift kit with 5 degrees of pinion angle to reduce driveshaft angle and 5 degrees of caster for improved steering
Width 65.375 inches between wheel mounting surfaces (stock JK width)
Wheel Bolt Pattern 5 on 5 inch with 1/2 inch studs (standard JK pattern)
Finish Black satin powder coat