Products specifications
Vehicle Fitment 2018 and newer Jeep Wrangler JL
Housing HD60 high-pinion nodular iron radius bottom center section with thicker walls and webbing
Bearing Caps Increased cross section nodular iron caps secured with ARP® fasteners
Pinion Bearing Large diameter front pinion bearing matched to rear bearing
Pinion Oiling High volume flow-thru recirculating oil system
Gear Set Dana 60™ reverse rotation thick gear sets (compatible with super 60 reverse cut gears)
Differential Carrier Standard Dana 60 4.10 and down differential carriers with thick ring gears for all gear ratios
Pinion Yoke 1350 u-joint
Skid Plate AR400 hardened steel skid plate
Differential Cover Currie nodular-iron cover, Red
Axle Tubes 3 .5 inch diameter x .375 wall DOM tube
Axles Currie Chromoly 35-Spline Inner and chromoly 32-Spline JL Outer Axles
End Forgings Currie JL/JT heavy-duty forged steel inner C’s
Steering Knuckles Accepts the vehicle's factory steering knuckles
Brake Rotors Accepts the vehicle's factory front rotors
Brake Calipers Accepts the vehicle's factory front calipers
Tie Rod Accepts the vehicle's factory tie rod
Suspension Brackets Heavy gauge 3/16 inch steel mounting brackets
Geometry Optimized for stock height up to 4 inch of lift
Trac Bar Mount Ram mounting brackets welded to housing, setup for PSC 8” travel steering ram (not compatible with stock steering stabilizer)
Width 68-inch stock Wrangler JL Rubicon width (1.5 inches wider overall than non-Rubicon models)
Finish Black satin powder coat