Products specifications
Vehicle Fitment (Leaf Spring) 67-81 GM F-Body with factory style mono or multi-leaf rear suspension
Vehicle Fitment (Detroit Speed) 67-81 GM F-Body Vehicles equipped with Detroit Speed Quadralink rear suspension system
Vehicle Fitment (Ridetech) 67-69 GM F-Body Vehicles equipped with Ridetech 4-link suspension system - 70-81 GM F-Body Vehicles equipped with 2003 and later Ridetech 4-link suspension
Housing Currie Centurion heavy-duty 9-inch housing with 3-inch diameter x .188 wall DOM tube
Center Section Currie Sportsman nodular iron gear case with Daytona style big bearing pinion support
Pinion Yoke 1350 nodular iron yoke
Axles Currie Performance 1541, 31 or 35-spline axles
Housing Ends Billet Torino style late model large bearing
Axle Bearings Set 20 Tapered roller bearing
Bearing Retainers 1/4" thick heavy duty plates, gold zinc plated
Suspension Brackets (Leaf Spring) Matched to OEM fitment and locations
Suspension Brackets (Detroit Speed) Quadralink upper and lower 4-link, panhard bar and sway bar brackets installed at the Detroit Speed specified locations
Suspension Brackets (Ridetech) Ridetech upper and lower 4-link and sway bar brackets installed at the specified locations
Wheel Bolt Pattern 5 on 4 3/4
Wheel Studs Housing and Axle Kits for OE style leaf springs include 7/16" wheel studs, Detroit Speed and Ridetech kits include 1/2" wheel studs
Brake Space 2.5 inch (axle standoff)
Width 67-69 stock / mini-tub width = 60.250" / 54.750" - 70-81 Stock / mini-tub width = 61.250" / 56.0" (between wheel mounting surfaces)
Oil Capacity 3 quarts of 85w-140, non-synthetic (API GL-6 rated only)