Currie Off-Road Axle Mounting Points Explained

Currie Off-Road Axle Mounting Points Explained

Sometimes the installation options we design into our products can create as many questions as they do benefits. One area this is particularly true of, are the multiple suspension mounting points found on the different bracket sets used our 44, 60, and 70 series Jeep axle assemblies.


Currie 44 & 60 Front Brackets
The trac bar and lower control arm brackets of our 44 and 60 series housing are designed to deliver the proper steering and suspension geometry for both stock height and lifted Wranglers.

Trac Bar Bracket
This heavy-duty bracket provides multiple trac bar mounting heights so proper steering geometry can be maintained for vehicles with drop pitman arms or reversed drag link modifications, and eliminates the need for add-on raised trac bar brackets.

Mounting Points
A = Steering stabilizer mount
B = Standard trac bar location
C = When using a drop pitman arm
D = Reversed drag link application

Lower Control Arm Brackets
This stout, one-piece bracket includes a stock geometry mounting position as well as a raised location that allows the bracket to be trimmed to achieve increased ground clearance.

Mounting Points
E = Optional raised control arm location
F = Stock control arm location

Currie Extreme 60 & 70 Front Brackets
The robust trac bar and lower control arm brackets of our Extreme 60 and 70 series housings deliver the proper steering and suspension geometry for lifted vehicles.

Trac Bar Bracket
The heavy-duty trac bar mount used on our Extreme 60 and 70 series housings, features a raised trac bar location for proper steering geometry on lifted vehicles and includes a ram mount bracket that makes upgrading to hydraulic ram assist a breeze.

Mounting Points
A = Hydraulic ram mount
C = Trac bar location

Lower Control Arm Brackets
Stout 1-piece brackets incorporate a single mounting location that is compatible with all aftermarket suspension kits designed to use the factory axle mounting locations.

Mounting Points
B = Lower control arm mount

Rear Axle Brackets (all axle series)
The rear brackets used on Currie 44, 60, Extreme 60 and 70 Series axles feature multiple mounting locations for the Trac bar, upper and lower control arms, and shock mounts. The standard mounting locations typically used with aftermarket suspension kits are detailed below. The optional mounting locations can be used to tune the 4-link geometry to achieve different behavior.

Trac Bar Bracket
D1 = Standard trac bar location
D1 = Raised trac bar location (3 to 4-inch lift)

Upper Control Arm Mount
C= Stock upper control arm location

Lower Control Arm Mount
A = Stock lower control arm location

Shock Mounting Locations
B = Standard shock mount location

The shock mount location is entirely dependent on the shock length you are using, and the height of the bump stop included in lift the kit you are running. The shock mount position should by adjusted up or down as required to prevent the shock from bottoming out during full compression while still delivering the maximum down travel.

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3/2/2020 3:25 PM
I have your rear anti rock on my Tj rubicon. On down travel the joint hits a bolt head holding bracket on the frame. This limits my travel. It seems the bend in the bar is not enough. What can I do?? I have a pic
3/5/2020 3:49 PM
RockJock 4x4 now handles the Antirock products. They can be reached at 714-367-1580 and will be happy to address all of your questions.