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Currie® Crate Rearends are a direct bolt-in solution for Mopar muscle car applications. Built around Currie 60 or 9" Centurion housings, and larger 35 & 31 spline axles (respectively), a Currie Crate Rearend is ready for cruise night, performance driving or the drag strip!


Built To The Legendary Currie Standard
Each Crate Rearend is built to the Currie Standard with heavy duty components and internals from leading manufacturers, then meticulously assembled by skilled craftsmen to deliver years of trouble-free operation.

Direct Bolt-in Installation
Currie Crate Rearends are built to exacting standards to match the factory specifications for suspension mounting points, pinion location, overall axle width, and wheel bolt pattern, for an easy hassle-free installation. If you’re converting to disk brakes or adding a big brake kit some adaptation will be required.

Have It Your Way
Customize your crate rearend the way you want it. Select from a broad range of gear ratios, performance differentials, or even a spool if that's your thing. And don't forget about stopping that rocket ship, add a brake upgrade kit that will slow those horses down.

Ready When You Need It
Currie Crate Rearends are pre-built, in-stock, only requiring assembly and testing before shipment, so the wait is short and the payoff is great.


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