Turn 9 Fabricated Housing Center (Lightweight)

Our lightweight Turn 9 fabricated housing center was designed from the ground up with the weigh conscious racer in mind! Unit is 17 3/8" wide, features a .119" thick chromoly steel body, a 5/16" thick chromoly steel 3rd. member mounting face and is machined to fit 3" tubes. The welded in internal bulkheads, unique to Currie housings, that tie the face, the body and the tubes together, have been windowed for lightening. 3" tubes easily slide in from the outside and require minor grinding to flatten one side of the tube to key it into the inner bulkhead. The 3rd. member mounting face plate has been profiled for weight reduction and is pre-clearanced accept 10" ring gears. Weight on this piece, with studs and fill cap installed is 17.5 lbs. as compared to 22.4 lbs. on our standard F9. Arguably the strongest & lightest fabricated housing design to ever hit the market!
SKU: CE-4303T9