9-Inch High-Pinion vs Low-Pinion

9-Inch High-Pinion vs Low-Pinion

Following the introduction of our 9-inch axle assemblies for Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator vehicles, we have received many inquiries regarding the differences between the high and low-pinion options and which is appropriate for specific applications. To help shed some light on the topic, we have assembled a list of key points for each.


High-Pinion 9-Inch

  • Highest driveshaft clearance of any axle - Places the driveshaft 2.25" above the axle centerline for maximum obstacle clearance off-road
  • Equipped with ring gear load bolt to eliminate gear deflection and achieve maximum gear strength
  • Uses custom reverse rotation gears for both front and rear axle applications
  • It's not just a low-pinion turned upside-down, it's an entirely different case, pinion support, and gears


Low-Pinion 9-Inch

  • Ideal pinion location for maximum gear strength, but sacrifices some ground clearance
  • Uses standard cut gears in both front and rear axle applications, the best option for towing or high horsepower
  • Equal or greater gear strength to a low-pinion 60


Common Features

  • Available with 9" or 10" gears, allowing strength to be tuned based on needs
  • Removable center section improves serviceability


If you have any questions or just need help to decide which is right for your application, give our experts a call at (714) 528-6957

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