Currie Third Members

Currie complete Ford 9-inch third members, make it easy to update your street rod, muscle car or race vehicle with a new gear ratio or carrier. Every Currie Ford 9-inch third member includes: a new nodular iron or aluminum gear case, bearings, seals, solid pinion bearing spacer, pinion support, yoke, and choice of gear ratio, and limited-slip, locking differential or spool. 

Currie complete Ford 9-inch third member assemblies are available to meet any need with selections of 9, 9.5 or 10-inch gears with carriers from ARB, Currie, Eaton, GearWorx, Strange and Wavetrac in 28, 31, 35, 40 or 45-spline configurations.

All Currie Ford 9-inch third members are assembled in-house by our team of experienced professionals and are shipped ready to be installed.