Industrial Applications

Currie Enterprises has been building drive units for industrial vehicles since 1959.

We provide drive units and axle assemblies for industrial, mining, farming, aircraft and military equipment all over the world. We are continually branching out into new industries and are constantly developing new products to suit the needs of our customers.

From light-duty compact drives to 7,000 lb. (3176 kg) load capacity equipment - we can handle it! We offer electric drive units (you supply the motor), units that are driven by a conventional engine and tube axles with no differential. See all of our axle offerings here

Additionally, steering axles with 1/2 ton or 1 ton steering knuckle assemblies are available with or without a differential. See all steering axle offerings here. Axle types offered are the popular Ford 9-inch, Dana 70 high pinion, Dana 60 high and low pinion, Dana 44 high and low pinion and 12 bolt GM.

We offer 100% new content on every unit that we build. If your application requires a different style of axle, other than those listed, please discuss your needs with a Currie representative!

Components and builder parts of all kinds are also available for any of these differentials - for those building their own units.

Check out our Parts Department to see our vast amount of parts offering and to maybe spark some ideas!


We offer worldwide shipping for all units and components!


For a quotation on a unit - please provide us with the following parameters:

  • Application of the vehicle
  • Vehicle weight capacity
  • Axles - flanged or full floating
  • Brakes - disc, drum or customer supplied
  • Gear ratio (we offer 2.47 - 7.33)
  • Carrier/differential type
  • Axle tube diameter and wall thickness
  • Overall mounting face to mounting face width of the unit
  • Pinion / Input location side to side dimension
  • Wheel lug size and lug pattern dimensions


To obtain a quote, please contact a member of our sales staff at: (714) 528-6957
or email us