Universal rubber brake hose & steel hydraulic hard brake line kit for rear axles includes 2 rubber brake line hoses and 2 lengths of steel hard line tubing. One hose specifically fits and easily bolts on to the 3rd. member studs of a 9" Ford rearend and features the 3/16" double flare bulkhead fitting at the frame end, and a block at the housing end with two 3/16" double flare inlets. The second hose is designed for universal mounting on any rearend (where this hose provides enough travel) and features the 3/16" double flare bulkhead fitting on the frame end and brass distribution block on the housing end that features a .270" mounting hole through it. Hard lines in this kit feature one at 30" long and one at 40" long, that are flared on both ends. Steel flare nut fittings are 3/8"-24 thread and lines feature 3/16" double flare at both ends. NOTE: Tubing bending and generally flaring equipment is necessary for the installation of this kit!!!
SKU: CE-6022